Zachary Attas

Seniour Test Engineer at ReviewTrackers

“I started my software career as a Quality Assurance Analyst, but one day I decided to ‘dig under the hood’ and learn programming, and I became hooked! I switched over to being a Test Engineer and currently working with ReviewTrackers, I haven’t looked back since then.

When I’m not teaching myself software related things, I’m taking photos, doing improv, or cooking something yummy.”

Services: How to Test Them When You Have The Keys to The Castle

End-to-end reliable testing of third party and micro-services can be tricky. You can always write integration tests, but those are only as good as they are maintained, and as good as the mocks that define them.

This talk describes how to evaluate the best testing strategy for a handful of third party and micro-services, when you have the ability to change how they are implemented to allow for better test coverage. We’ll cover third party services that handle billing, google metadata, and sending text messages as well as micro-services that do AI text analysis, data scraping, widget and pdf creation.

By the end of this talk, you will be able to create your own testing strategy for these kinds of services, and have confidence in your tests when the code for the service(s) is changed.