Tomislav Luetić

Software Engineer at Comtrade Digital Services

Tomislav Luetić is a software engineer with Comtrade Digital Services.

A mathematician turned software engineer, he spent 5 years with a UK pharmaceutical publisher before bringing those experiences back to Slovenia. With a focus on building diverse sets of development skills, he joined Comtrade’s AI division as data engineer, working on projects in the financial and energy sectors.

He enjoys tinkering with complex systems; whether those are software solutions, mathematical problems or game design.

Automatize Testing in Artificial Intelligence – The Challenge of The Future;

A new era is here – the time for artificial intelligence to be the new revolution in the industry has come.

Its benefits are everywhere as well as its challenges. The presence of AI has proven to be really beneficial – it improves performance of our smartphones, recommends products while shopping online, help us detect diseases faster, etc. This is the nice part that everyone sees. However, to get to this point, there are a lot of steps to take during development.

In this talk, Tomislav and his colleague Andrés Latas Martínez will discuss the development path they followed in one of their latest projects in the energy sector, with emphasis on how they were able to automate optimizing and testing AI solutions.