Tomaž Nahtigal

Lead Engineer at Comtrade Digital Services

Tomaž Nahtigal is a member of the Medical department at Comtrade Digital Services. A decade of experience in Embedded Software development in different roles, starting as a Developer, Verification Engineer through Technical Lead and Test Lead. He is working in fields such as Medical, Industrial and Automotive.

Connected Health: The Challenge of Testing Bluetooth Medical Devices

In the last years we are witnessing a steady rise in the use of wireless technology in medical devices.

You may have heard terms like “Connected Health”, “eHealth”, “Digital Health”, “Quantified Self”,…

But what does it all mean?

Regardless the term, the idea behind the trend is to liberate the data from the medical device so that we are no longer limited on how and where the data is displayed. Medical devices effectively shift from monoliths to an ecosystem of connected devices.

While the benefits are potentially huge, the challenges are equally great.

Testing a medical device in itself is a hard task, but now the testers have to also think about connectivity, usability and security.

In this talk, we will discuss the challenges related to testing a Bluetooth connected medical device and it’s ecosystem. We will share the lessons learned from past projects and how a simple Bluetooth device simulator improved our testing process.