Sunder Shyam

Test Program Manager at Sidra Medicine

Shyam Sunder is a PMP® Certified Test Program Manager with total IT Testing Experience of 21+ Years and currently working as Test Program Manager at Sidra. Shyam has worked in various reputed organizations like Dell, Sapient, HCL Tech, United Health Group etc and is strong in the area of Test Management, Software Testing and Client relationship management.

Shyam has been a regular contributor in IT Forums via presentations and workshops and have received excellent Client testimonials which can be seen in his linked-in profile.

Shyam’s Professional Certifications
 PMI Certified PMP®.
 Certified Test Manager
 Certified Scrum Master
 6-Sigma Green Belt Champion.
 KPMG Certified IS0 9001 Internal Auditor.
 Brainbench Certification in Project Management.
 AHM 250
 Healthcare Integration Architect
 Healthcare Consultant

AI Techniques To Improve Software Testing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the new buzzword spreading its wings in every significant industry. AI enables computers to perform tasks that would have called for intellect and input in an ancient scenario. The surface area for software testing has never been bigger. Therefore, software designers and testers will look to AI to solve most software challenges. The introduction of Artificial intelligence will help overcome Testing and QA challenges. It will also help in identifying complex areas in an organization.

Humans Will Become Mystics ->What will happen when both systems and testing applications use AI? The Oracle problem that was present in an attempt to automate testing came up. Though automation knows when and how to perfectly interact with the system, it does not have a procedure that differentiates between incorrect and correct behaviors of SUT. How can tests done by AI tell if the system being tested is correct? Though AI may provide insight into what a system does, it would be better to solve the Oracle problem for actual testing to occur.

In this talk, Shyam will be talking about the test, diagnosis and plan (TDP) paradigm in details.