Stefani Majić

Software Test Engineer at Span Ltd.

Stefani is currently working as a Software Test Engineer in Span with a large number of successfully completed projects. In her free time, she loves to explore and learn about Machine Learning, IoT and automation. She also organizes and participates in various projects in her local community, and holds lectures and workshops where she tries to pass on her passion for technology.

Dear Future, I am ready!?!

“Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning slowly but definitely penetrate every area of our life. Organizations empowered by data interact rapidly in addressing business challenges and implement an innovative QA strategy. Each day more and more data is being produced, although it seems that QA & DevOps are two areas where AI & ML are slowly knocking on the door unlike in other industries where they are marching through them, that same data can be leveraged for intelligent and predictive QA.

Could we or better do we dare to talk about a predictive QA where testing is being optimized by identifying and focusing on predicted failures and potential defects that were not previously anticipated.

In this session, we’ll discuss what does it mean to test with AI and transition from QA to intelligent/cognitive QA. What angles of quality are involved with AI, how test objects are defined in Machine Learning solutions, what AI Quality Engineering skills do we need and many more. We say that QA needs to shift left, right and deep but maybe we should just shift QA everywhere. Join me in this session where we’ll start our journey with AI to make QA more sophisticated than ever. “Roads? Where we are going we don’t need roads!””