Srinivasan Sekar

Lead Consultant at ThoughtWorks

Srinivasan Sekar is a Lead Consultant at ThoughtWorks.

He loves contributing to Open Source, he is also an Appium Member and Selenium Contributor. He has worked extensively on testing various Mobile and Web Applications and specializes in building automation frameworks. He has also spoken at various conferences including SeleniumConf and FOSDEM.

Appium & It’s Tensorflow Brain 

What if test frameworks had a brain of their own? What if you could ask that little brain to ‘click the search button’ for you. What if you could ask the brain to verify a login page? What if automated tests maintain and adapt to application changes by itself after a major UI revamp? What if the brain was able to do all of this out of the box, and worked on applications it has never seen before?

This session covers the evolution of element selectors, how appium works with Tensorflow and how it locates elements.

Srinivasan will be having this talk with his colleague – Sai Krishna