Saga B. Davidsdottir

Test Manager at Sopra Steria

Saga is originally from Iceland and is now a Test Manager in SopraSteria, Norway, where she works as a consultant. She has worked with software testing for almost 6 years and has been a tester and a test coordinator as well. She has worked within various corners of public sector as well as private sector, and has been a public speaker for three year.

Saga will be presenting along with her colleague, Jarl Cedergren.

Ready Player One – How to test Mixed Reality

“In Ernest Cline’s book, Ready Player One, we are introduced to the Oasis. A Virtual Reality World where people log on and hang out, go to school and work. The year is 2045 and the Oasis has become the preferred way of living over the real world that is quite bleak in comparison.

It is now 2018, and we see that many of the things that Ernest Cline predicted in his book is becoming a reality. We have Hololenses, VR “CLAW’s” and full body haptic suits on the market and that creates a whole new challenge for us as testers. How do we user test it? How will the functional testing be? What about test environments? We will also have to test the hardware!

Sopra Steria Norway has put up a TestLAB where they experiment with the future of user testing for Microsoft Hololens, and we want to share with you what we have found out so far in this new and exciting world of testing.”