Raj Subrameyer

Owner & CEO, ChaiLatte Consulting

Raj is a Speaker, Writer and Tech Career Coach at ChaiLatte Consulting.

He helps developer tools and/or services companies build awareness, increase organic website traffic and generate leads through content creation and social influencer marketing. He also provides tech career coaching to help professionals reach the next phase in their career paths and is a sought after speaker for various events. He actively contributes thought leadership and enrichment to the software community through conference talks, contributed articles, blogs and youtube videos, where he shares development, testing, leadership, self-improvement and productivity experiences gained through various life experiences.

You can read Raj’s expertise on his personal website www.rajsubra.com. He can be reached at raj@rajsubra.com or follow his twitter – @epsilon11.

Keeping It Real In An Artificial World;

Gone are the days where “responsive web” and “mobile first” were the focus for developing and testing applications. Now, it is the era of AI-based applications, which is exponentially complex compared to its predecessors. AI will soon be pervasive in almost all software products and services, and our skills as engineers will have to adapt accordingly. Current roles in companies will change significantly because of AI, and software development and testing will be no exception; we need to prepare for it now. The positive effects of AI are already being realized in many industries, and many of these benefits were not possible just a few years ago. There is, however, a downside of using AI: It can quickly impact our data security, privacy and introduce biases if we do not pay attention to how the AI models are trained. Also, there are lot of myths surrounding AI in terms of what it can and cannot do. How do you differentiate between truth and fiction surrounding AI?

In this talk, I will take you through a journey of discovery. I debunk some of the myths surrounding AI and discuss how AI model training works with real life examples. Then, I highlight the current state of AI and how it is impacting humans and technology. Finally, I address the impact to software development and testing, and discuss if AI research is headed in the right direction. This talk will help anyone get a basic understanding of developing and testing AI based systems and highlight key factors to consider to ensure these systems do not have a negative impact on humans.

Key Takeaways-

  • Learn myths surrounding AI
  • Learn fundamentals of AI model training
  • Learn the impact of AI on humans; software development and testing
  • Learn the future of AI based research


This talk is inspired by Raj’s current area of research and an article he wrote on Hackernoon, check it out here – https://hackernoon.com/living-in-the-world-of-ai-the-human-transformation-ve1ds3zyq