Pallavi Kumar

Founder & CEO at Alingenious

Pallavi Kumar is a tech entrepreneur and founder at AIingenious. She believes in the power of Artificial Intelligence and her vision is to create AI based solutions to solve the real-world problems. She has experience of working in the tech industry in various fields including eCommerce and Healthcare. She is collaborating with mental health charities to create AI based solutions to create awareness and help people struggling with mental health conditions. Also, She is a tech speaker and author. She has been speaker at various national tech conferences in UK and written features on latest technologies. She supports diversity and inclusion in tech industry.

When AI Meets Software Testing

In this talk, Pallavi Kumar will show how AI will disrupt and revolutionize the software testing industry as well as it’s impact on various types of testing. She will also share vivid predictions on AI in the software testing space for future.