Nishan Chelvachandran

CEO/Founder at Iron Lakes

Nishan is a High-Level cybersecurity adviser, strategist, published author, researcher and former UK Police Officer, with years of experience built on the strong foundations of bespoke operational activity in the UK Public Sector. Nishan specialised in fields such as Digital Transformation, Digital Intelligence Forensics, Cybercrime, Cyberoperations and CyberWar, Surveillance and Intelligence. Nishan’s research interests include Big Data keyword and behavioural analytics, jurisdictional and legislative affairs relating to cyber-operations and cyber-warfare, ethical frameworks for mass and automated data surveillance, profiling and decision-making, IoT, AI and it’s ethical and responsible use and design, and Data Use and Privacy.

Nishan spent 6 years as one of the UK National leads for Diversity in Policing, driving equity throughout the Police in the UK and has received multiple commendations from Force Chiefs’ for his work and contributions in Cybercrime and Intelligence.  His experiences range from operating as a grassroot practitioner, National Strategic and Policy Advisory in the Public sector, as well has private sector experience at executive level, as Chief Research and Innovation Officer, Chief Information Security Officer and is now an Impact Entrepreneur in Finland.

Nishan’s academic background stems in Computer Science, with MSc in Cybersecurity from an NCSC/GCHQ accredited University in the UK, and post graduate research in Cyberwar, Survellance and Security. He is also a published author; his most recent work on Cyberdefence in the Age of AI, Digital Societies and Augmented Humanity, will be published in Spring 2020. He is a Fellow of The RSA, and an active Member of The Institution of Engineering and Technology. He is also a member of IEEE, and works with IEEE’s Standards Association, where he is in on the working groups for the Ethical Certification Programme for AI and the Ethical AI P7000x series draft standards. He is an advisor in AI Commons, and actively engaged in the Cybersecurity and Impact Tech Space. A thought leader in the Cyber sector, He is actively driving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals agenda and initiatives involving AI for Good.

Tired of seeing a lot of talk and no action, Nishan’s embarked on realising his vision of bridging the knowledge gap in the Cyber sector, and also pairing bleeding edge academic research and expertise with the problem owners in the public and private sectors. With his co-founder, he formed Iron Lakes; a core team of experts to lead projects and partnerships that will utilize the best of technology to address the problems and challenges of our customers. Iron Lakes seeks to create and bring together a collaborative network of Innovation Partners in the Tech and Impact space, to find creative solutions to tackle real world problems.

“Houston do we have a problem? To boldly go where no AI has gone before and the problem with problem solving”.;

In this talk, Nishan will review where we are at in terms of what and how AI is used, the hype & reality, and how we need a holistic paradigm shift to how we solve actual problems with AI and tech.