Nishan Chelvachandran

Cyber Security & AI Expert at Cyberreu

Nishan is a cyber-security adviser, strategist, published author and researcher, with years of experience built on the strong foundations of bespoke operational activity in the UK Public Sector. Nishan has military and law enforcement experience, specializing in fields like Digital Transformation, Digital Intelligence Forensics, Cyber-crime, Cyber-ops & Warfare, Surveillance & Intelligence. Nishan’s research interests include Big Data keyword and behavioral analytics, jurisdictional and legislative affairs relating to cyber-operations and cyber-warfare, ethical frameworks for mass and automated data surveillance, profiling & decision-making, IoT, AI and Data Use & Privacy. Nishan spent 6 years as one of the UK National leads for Diversity in Policing in the UK. He was one of the elected Vice Chairs for the National Black Police Association, championing equality and equity pertaining to BME and all protected characteristics of staff in the Police and communities in which they serve. Nishan received multiple commendations from Force Chiefs’ for his work and contributions.

Nishan was awarded and is a current Fellow of The RSA (The Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce), a well-established society based in London, with previous fellows including Benjamin Franklin, Guglielmo Marconi, Stephen Hawking and Sir Tim Berners-Lee, whose function is to champion and explore ways to progress social enlightenment. Nishan also an active Member of The IET (Institution of Engineering and Technology), a global institution focused on the furthering and betterment of Engineering and Technology across all sectors through collaboration and research.

How Can We Build Culturally Inclusive AI Models Together?

Nishan will be giving this talk with his colleague Davar Ardalan.

We know that AI algorithms and data sets are limited in understanding different cultural contexts, inhibiting the effectiveness of businesses expanding into emerging markets. How do you bring businesses closer to the audiences they’re targeting? I would argue that personalization together with cultural intelligence is key. What role can we play as storytellers and testers in designing this new future. How can AI-powered cultural analytics empower citizens and companies alike? If we have the ingenuity to make self-driven cars, we can and must make the interactions between humans and machines more empathetic and inclusive.