Niranjani Manoharan

Senior Software Engineer at Lyft

Niranjani is a Senior Software Engineer in Test at Lyft. She is responsible for developing test automation solutions for the Android platform. She has 8 years of experience and has worked at companies like eBay, Twitter and Pinterest in a similar role. She’s passionate about code and product quality and gets involved in efforts to improve the CI/CD pipeline.

How to improve CI/CD pipeline for Mobile Test Automation

In this talk, Niranjani will discuss how containers can simplify the many different flavors of mobile app builds, how to utilize parallelization to speed up build and test execution time, and how the choice of a CI system can improve the efficiency of the entire CI/CD pipeline. She’ll be citing examples from her experience in the Android world via a problem/solution based approach which will be helpful for the audience to understand and apply to other platforms.

Key takeaways:

  • – Learn how containers can simplify your build process.
  • – A problem/solution approach to addressing the common test automation issues while trying to improve CI/CD pipeline.
  • – Improve test execution