Miloš Stoiljković

Lead IoT and Security Consultant at Comtrade System Integration

Miloš Stoiljković is the Lead IoT and Security Consultant at Comtrade System Integration, he has been leading high end IoT and security enterprise projects for over eight years, he specializes in designing IoT and security complex architecture, as well as integration between various systems, programs and devices. As one of Comtrade’s valuable experts, he is instrumental in establishing security solutions implementations as well as building the IoT telemetry and tele-command services from scratch. As a versatile and business-oriented IT professional, he is always developing his skills and experience portfolio with specialized training and references such as the implementation of high end security solutions in the Persian Gulf region and the design, development and installation of unique IoT smart home solutions.

Power of IoT and AI;

How IoT transforms the world: from past, through the present and to the future. This talk will cover the evolution of AI and the additional value it provides to IoT as well as the benefits of using IoT and AI together, explaining several concepts and scenario where IoT and AI can be integrated together, such as industrial IoT (in manufacturing, government, retail), customer IoT (connected vehicles, connected homes, health and lifestyle) and scientific IoT (experimental physics, medicine).