Milan Kuveljic

Head of Quality Engineering at N26

Milan is the Head of Quality Engineering at N26, the mobile bank.

In his role, he is working with engineering teams on building the highest quality software by following good practices in testing and quality engineering.

In the last decade he has gained practical experience in software testing in particular, agile testing, automation in testing and tooling, which he is sharing with engineering teams to improve the quality and process of building software.

He enjoys speaking publicly at conferences and meetups where he shares his knowledge and experience.

Test Architecture for Global Platforms;

Building a global platform presents some incredible technical challenges, a platform with the core product that operates globally while also ensuring that user data is isolated in its respective region; this is a big challenge to implement, and even bigger when designing test automation strategy. 

Milan will explore test architecture for global platforms by providing an overview of testing layers, including the tech stack and how everything fits in region-agnostic ecosystem. You’ll learn the main problems that can occur when you are designing and maintaining tests and frameworks for the same back-end micro-services and client applications serving products across different regions. How to deal with test data, test execution, CI/CD and test-ability will be covered in this talk.