Milan Gabor

CEO at Viris

Milan Gabor is an ex-developer, founder and CEO of Viris, a Slovenian company specialized in information security. He is a security professional, pen-tester and researcher. Milan is a distinguished and popular speaker on information security. He has previously been invited to speak at various events at different IT conferences in Slovenia and the rest of the World. He also does ethical hacking trainings.

He is always on a hunt for new and uncovered things and he really loves and enjoys his job and dreams about parachute jumping.

Security Testing For n00b Testers

During the different presentations and talks with Dev and test teams, I found out that sometimes we are talking about some complex scenarios or systems, but truth is, that we often missed simple things.

So I will be speaking about little and basic things, that can make security testing better and present security n00bs to pros in some easy steps.