Michael Stahl

SW Validation Architect at Intel

Michael Stahl is a SW Validation Architect at Intel. In the last 18 years Michael tested code for Smart TVs, graphics cards, computer-vision applications based on 3D cameras and Intel’s Active Management technology and Security Engine. Currently he is focusing on software quality processes for the automotive industry. In this role, he defines testing strategies and work methodologies for test teams and sometimes even gets to test something himself – which he enjoys most. Michael presented papers in SIGiST Israel, STARWest, EuroStar and other international conferences and is teaching SW Testing in the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

You can view his papers and presentations here.

The Fab Experience: How I stopped whining and started to appreciate Process

“For R&D folks like us, “adhering to process”, “copy exactly” and “strong discipline” are a complete turn-off. We have images of poor souls toiling in a miserable work environment that stifles innovation, discourage originality and demands military-style conformance.

Yet, while semiconductor manufacturing facilities constantly keep tight quality control, they are also a place of a thriving engineering community with amazing innovations and ample self-fulfillment.

Is it possible we are wrong? That discipline and proper process can actually benefit us? How does it work in the Fab? What can we adopt for software development?

Warning! This presentation may change your view about Process!”