Meaghan Thompson

QA Manager at Aimsio

Meaghan specializes in setting up QA teams at small startups, seeking to do nearly impossible things on even more impossible budget. She lives in Calgary, Canada with her partner, Trevor and her 3 children while working with Aimsio. She is a wannabe world traveler and gave up trying to learn German this year, settling for learning to knit.

Politics are her sport and elections are her World Cup.

Relevance; Test Leadership That Matters In An Uncertain Future

We all know it’s changing. We’ve heard the murmurs and rumblings at every conference for over a decade now. The testing world is anxious about its future and we all know of a local company that has decided to eradicate dedicated testers.
What can we, as Leads and Managers, do to ensure our team is contributing all they can and should in this new world? How do we grow a team of the future?

How do we prove our critical relevance to the future and success of the business?

Hiring for the Future
– Skills I am no longer looking for and the hiring failures I have made
– What I am looking for
– A Twitter fail that changed my mind about “fit” and why “fit” is antithetical to the future of testing

Coaching for the Future
– Encouraging technical growth and exploring the resistance to it
– How to be contagiously excited about the challenges the team faces
– Cultivating data obsession and killing inflammatory anecdotes

Reporting for the Future
– Metrics I have abandoned
– QA metrics that matter to the business

Testing in the Boardroom
– Focusing on business needs and what that is starting to look like in my work
– The role of Company Skeptic in a sea of “positive vibes only”
– Cultivating relationships
– Mutual motivation
– Delivering an honest message in a receivable way