Katja Obring

Test Consultant at Infinity Works

Customer support then QA engineer role at Linden Lab (Second Life).

Localisation and e-commerce QA engineer for Club Penguin/Disney Online. Lead QA engineer for Odobo – a startup in the gaming sector. Senior QA engineer at Anaplan.

Currently Test consultant at Infinity Works, Leeds.

Anti-Fragility or Taming The Hydra

The name Nassim Taleb has come to be associated with the crash of financial markets, as he predicted aptly what happened in the banking crisis of 2008 in his book “The Black Swan”. Following that work, “Antifragility” explores how trying to predict the future leaves us missing the opportunity to withstand disaster by preparing for recovery instead of trying to predict and avert the inevitable crisis.

My talk examines the concept of antifragility as part of the software development process, and how that can be applied to an agile work environment. It aims to straddle the border between development reality and a broader view on how process can be made resilient, and how we can use a philosophical approach to guide our decisions in day to day software development. This talk offers a new perspective on many of the problems we encounter every day in software development, and I hope to illustrate that sometimes a change of perspective can point us in the right direction for building resilient, lean software applications.

Key points:

How is anti-fragile different from robust, and why should we care?

What has it got to do with software development?

This talk will discuss why crisis and unforeseen disaster isn’t always a bad thing, and what we can do to make them less impactful.