Juan Manuel Perez

QA Lead at Ebury Partners

Juan is from Cordoba, a beautiful city in Andalucia in the the south of Spain. He has more than 10 years of experience in the IT sector, working in different locations as Córdoba, Seville, Barcelona and Malaga, where he had the opportunity to be involved in Health and Financial projects. Currently he is QA Lead in Ebury Partners, one of the most recognized FinTech in Europe, participating in the Continuous Integration Workflow, implementing Agile methodologies and adding new Quality Gates during the hold Software Development Life Cycle. He is passionate about sharing knowledge and mentoring new QA members and also he is an active member and coordinator in QA Meetup Community in Malaga. He was speaker in the last SSTQB Route in Spain as well as different universities.

Continuous Integration workflow and quality processes in our financial and agile environment

“I would like to show how the QA Tribe is working in Ebury, being part of the whole software development life cycle, how they are involved in an agile environment, executing any kind of test according to their projects (automated, performance, E2E – GUI, manual) from the analysis to the release phase. This section will include tools, methodologies and continuous integration workflow of the company.

Our teams are cross functional and fully responsible for the quality of the product they produce. We apply an end-to-end philosophy to our daily work, that is, we are responsible from user story creation through to ensuring that story is delivered, working and supported in production too.

When developers start to work on a User Story, testers begin work in parallel, designing the quality gates such as unit tests with the developer, integration tests, GUI or manual tests. They also perform any additional security checks, performance testing, training, learning coffees, documentation or checking logs to monitor the new functionality that will be deployed later. Furthermore, team leaders or assigned developers will review the new code and a second set of testers will review completed manual and automated tests. As a financially regulated company this fulfills all our audit trail requirements.

Also, to confirm that our story is ready for production, we create a pull request that activates all automated tests, including regression ones, executing quality gates automatically. Given that we nevertheless need to align some teams when resources are shared, the purpose is to design out dependencies and remove merging problems as much as possible.”