Johan Steyn

Lead Software Quality Engineering, IQbusiness

Johan Steyn is a technologist and management consultant. Over the last two decades he was involved in the fields of computer hardware distribution, software development and mobile phone technology. He has held senior roles in global consulting firms.

He is an Artificial Intelligence enthusiast and speaks globally at conferences on the Fourth Industrial Revolution and Emerging Technologies.

He is a published author who regularly contributes articles on thought-leadership to well-known publications. He is the Chair of the Special Interest Group on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics with the IITPSA (Institute of Information Technology Professionals of South Africa).

He is currently with IQbusiness, a technology management consulting firm.

Demystifying AI: A talk for software professionals;

Software Engineers are exposed to new technologies like AI on a daily basis, but there is often not a clear understanding of what this technology is and how we can utilize it in performing better work. We need to be “future ready” and prepare ourselves accordingly.

This talk will cover what Artificial Intelligence is/what it is not, brief survey of AI companies, business case for AI & compatibility of your business with AI, change management, practical AI application in Fin-Serv, etc.