James Farrier

CTO at Appsurify

James Farrier is CTO of Appsurify where he builds products to make software testing smarter, faster, and cheaper.

He has been in QA testing for more than 15 years as a test lead and test manager in the financial services industry with a focus on test automation. James has been a featured speaker at testing symposiums in New York, Washington, London, Los Angeles, and his native Auckland.

Using Machine Learning to Make Your Automated and Manual Testing Faster

Elite organizations like Google and Facebook aren’t waiting for the AI revolution—they’re taking advantage of machine learning now to add intelligence to their automated and manual testing.

Using a combination of predictive test selection, flaky failure elimination, and risk-prioritized manual testing, companies can deliver faster with higher quality while reducing costs of testing. This session will show you how machine learning can be used now to make your own testing just as fast and efficient.