Ilya Sakharov

Director of QA at HelloFresh SE

Ilya started his career as tester more than 19 years ago and have held various individual contributor and managerial roles in quality assurance, engineering and testing organizations at several industry domains including Telecom, Network security, Enterprise IT software, Information security and e-commerce.

Experienced in implementing lean, lightweight quality processes, leading international teams, both in corporations and startups, Ilya works now out of Berlin as a Director of QA for HelloFresh SE – leading the company’s software quality strategy in hyper-diverse environment.

Quality is Everyone’s Responsibility – Making It Work

We all agree that “quality is everyone’s responsibility”, but what does it practically mean?

After all if everyone is responsible, many times – no one really is. In this talk Ilya will outline the three fundamental layers of quality software delivery system (Prevention, Detection and Analysis) in perspective of how those layers change to allow faster delivery, how engineering roles evolve to support it, and finally how it is applied in a scalable way in decentralized squad-based engineering organisations like “HelloFresh SE”.

Main takeaways:

  • How quality software delivery system and its change trajectory can be used as a tool for process optimization.
  • How engineering roles have and still evolve, and what the future might hold for some of them.
  • Learning about practical implementation of new roles in decentralized squad/guild-based organisations.