Igor Goldshmidt

Senior QA Engineer at Gett (Gettaxi)

Igor Goldshmidt holds a Master of SQA certificate from Ness College (Tel-Aviv, Israel) and B.A. in Logistics Management from Bar Ilan University (Israel). The last 5-year he is work in Software QA field. Today Igor is a Senior QA engineer in Gett and spearheading testing projects. As a passionate testing geek and quality freak, he is QA researcher, an innovator, architect of test solutions. Events organizer of TestIL, biggest testing community in Israel. Also volunteers as a teacher of a QA course at the Technion – Israel’s Institute of Technology. International speaker and little bit blogger.

The main power of tester is information

“In the begging of my “testing” career, I worked in a bank. It was my first “real” testing job. I remember how I came to my first development meeting and after 5 minutes realized that I had no clue what was going on there.

Having such information provides the tester with an incredible power. In my report, I will provide with the guidelines on how to obtain and master this power.

The Sources – where we get information
The Storage – how we store all of the new information that got in
The Support and “maintenance” – how we maintain all information that we already have
The Use of force – how we use information

So, the main aspect of information- is its power to influence and improve the quality of processes and product.

And of course, I couldn’t make any impact on anything in the development process. From that moment I have learned that a man who has information, has the power to influence. If I want to make a quality impact, I must have the power to do so. Therefore, we, the QA engineers must know as much as possible about the system, product, and features. And, of course, understand that we have the superpower!!!

One of the main goals of a QA engineer is to collect as much information as possible about the state of the product and the process of its development.”