Fabian Dittrich

CEO and Founder at Helpando

After working for several startups, a crazy coincidence brought Fabian to Zendesk, where he spent two exciting years as a very happy and dedicated employee. Yet, eventually, he created his own company Helpando. Despite immediate success, Fabian soon lacked the sense of adventure and decided to convert Helpando into a nomad company, running his business from an old Land Rover. The whole thing turned into Startupdiaries – driving 20.000km from Argentina to Colombia and meeting people who redefine work along the way. After being featured in Wired and several other tech publications, he became a public speaker talking about the future of work and how technology can improve life quality if we let go of established but questionable organizational structures.

Agile living and the future of work: What I learned as the CEO  of a nomadic company

“I will be talking about my adventures of being the CEO of a nomad company, especially about how two colleagues and I managed to run our company from a land rover defender while we drove from Argentina to Colombia, working from crazy places along the way and how this work- and lifestyle influenced the way we work now. I’ll be mixing adventurous stories with an overarching theme – how today, thanks to the Internet, tools and technology we can dramatically improve the quality of our work – and lifestyle when realizing that 1) work no longer has to happen in an office, that 2) trust in employees will ultimately lead to more productivity than control and that 3) since no-one can truly prepare for the unknown, a good way to practice is to stay flexible, challenge your routine, your beliefs your scenery. Real travel, the educational kind, can happen across town or in the next neighborhood. All it takes is a bit of faith and some curiosity.”