Davar Ardalan

Founder and Storyteller in Chief at IVOW AI

Davar Ardalan is the Founder and Storyteller in Chief of IVOW AI, a startup specializing in AI-driven cultural content.

As the age of AI expands, brands are looking for new ways to empathetically interact with the consumer market. IVOW’s powerful Culture-IQ platform enhances the cultural fluency of chatbots.

Ardalan is also leading the Algorithm for Historic Women: Data Set Challenge. This global initiative together with AI Commons, is a vital part of giving cultural context to AI models.

As a champion of women in tech, Ardalan is also the leading force behind AIGrrls, a mixer that brings together civic tech leaders, data scientists, AI experts, and technologists in the Washington DC region. IVOW’s highly-influential networking event is bringing together influencers and helping shape the future of a more inclusive and empathetic AI.

Since pioneering the concept of cultural intelligence in AI for business, Ardalan has been featured in Forbes, AI Trends and presented at 70 events or meetups, including SAP New York, 2019 Federal Identity Forum, Politico’s AI Summit and Stanford University’s MediaX.

Prior to IVOW AI, Ardalan, was Deputy Director of the White House Presidential Innovation Fellowship Program in Washington, D.C. and a journalist for two decades at NPR News, where she designed stories anchored in multiculturalism and steeped in historical context.

She has been recognized with a 2017 NASA Team Leadership award for Space Apps, a Gracie Award from the American Women in Radio and Television and a shout-out in the popular comic strip Zippy. In May 2014, she was the recipient of a United States Ellis Island Medal of Honor, for individual achievement and for promoting cultural unity.

Why AI Needs Cultural Intelligence;

The future of civic life and commerce will be driven in large part by conversational interfaces like speech-based personal assistants, chatbots and AI-powered customer support services. Nonetheless, the current tools available to customers and brands lack the sophistication to engage users with cultural richness. This diminishes the return on automation investment capital and weakens the potency of brand engagement.

Join Davar Ardalan, Founder of IVOW AI, as she shares her insights on the future of cultural intelligence in AI. In an age of hyper-personalized marketing and its emphasis on first-party data, Ardalan talks about why novel solutions and tools in AI as applied to audience and culture research are more valuable than ever.