Berina Vihrić

QA Automation Engineer at Ministry of Programming

“I am young, enthusiastic and a self-motivated professional passionate about quality control. My biggest motivation is learning new areas, exploring various business logic and constant communication and interaction with international teams and clients. In the past few years, I have been working for Authority Partners Inc., where I had the opportunity to work with some of the key companies in the US mortgage industry. Currently working for Ministry of Programming on the most powerful & award-winning social trading app, harnessing the immense power of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.”

Forget the Rules – Embrace the Chaos (Being a QA on a multi-million ICO)

“Chaos is a good thing if you understand the opportunity. I heard this from a CEO of my company, and at the begging, I didn’t realize what he is saying. How can we work if we don’t have any documentation? No test planning, no test cases, constantly changing things and communicating it through Slack. What are blockchains, cryptocurrencies? How to test them. In normal companies where everything is organized, automated and nice, there is no opportunity to change the environment, business model, etc. Working for the NAGA Group we absolutely have to think outside of the box. To predict many changes that will happen with the revolution of the outdated banking sector. We are still improving our system and organization, but we have found a great work pattern, continuously delivering quality and from day one we were focusing on creating value for our customers.

Time flies but we’re following…and remember diamonds are born under pressure and in chaos.”