Antti Niittyviita

CEO, Prove Expertise

Antti Niittyviita is best described as a source of energy in everything he does.

In his 15 years as a testing professional, CEO of a thriving quality assurance company – Prove Expertise Oy, he has met more than 2400 people in one-to-one discussions about how to create awesome software and level-ups in software testing.

Antti shares insights of this journey in many of his talks and in the book “Storytools of Testing”.

Quantity beats Quality 100-0;

Have you ever been frustrated by how your bosses, peers and clients seem not to understand what is important in testing and quality? How trying to explain what testing is all about or how it should be done can feel like a fool’s errand?

Good news! You are not alone!

Quantity Beats Quality 100-0, as Antti describes it, is a controversial principle and at the same time it is a critical tool in being able to navigate the future of software testing.

In this talk, Antti will share the most important lessons he has learned in his journey through those frustrations both from personal experiences & those of thousands of people he has worked with in 15 years.