Antonia Landi

Project Manager

“Having majored in English Literature & Journalism and having lived in four different countries so far, my background is eclectic to say the least. From starting out as a Games Tester for the mighty Rockstar North to setting up QA processes for small Berlin Startups, I’ve learned so many things along the way. My previous company was Asana Rebel, a rapidly growing health & fitness Startup, where I acted as a QA and Project Manager.

In my spare time I like to spend time with my husband, hang out with my cats and – of course – play games.”

Quality Assurance in an AB-Test driven company – Why companies of tomorrow need QA Superstars, and how to become one

“What is the future of QA?

Some of the biggest companies today use AB tests to increase conversion, retention and a myriad of other vital business metrics. AB tests have already been adopted by countless organisations, and are rapidly becoming the cornerstone of any business-driven venture.

So how and where does a tester fit into that? How can you maintain a high level of quality if there are several versions of your product, all of which interact with one another and change the user experience at crucial points? How should you structure your QA department within an organisation that is focussed on constant delivery and iteration of AB tests?

Asana Rebel is a health & fitness mobile app that has seen incredible growth since its creation over two years ago thanks to aggressive AB testing methods.
Approximately 70% of what we build in any given Sprint will be discarded within 2-4 weeks. The QA department has to be as dynamic (if not more so) as the rest of the company. So how is this done?

Based on my previous background as Asana Rebel’s first QA Manager (and up until recently, sole tester), I will share my experiences, insights, and difficulties in building and adapting a QA department within a company that strives to test every hypothesis. I will talk about how I needed to change my perceptions of what makes a great QA department as well as how breaking brand new ground enables me to take part in innovating not only my role within Asana Rebel, but also the role of QA within any AB test driven company.

In this talk you will find out why test plans no longer make sense, why the role of QA needs to grow beyond finding technical faults, and how to stay on top of the chaos.”