Anand Bagmar

Software Quality Evangelist at Essence of Testing

Anand is a Software Quality Evangelist with 20+ years in the software testing field. He is passionate about shipping quality products and specializes in Product Quality Strategy & Execution as well as in building automated testing tools, infrastructure and frameworks.

Anand writes testing related blogs and has built open-source tools related to Software Testing – WAAT (Web Analytics Automation Testing Framework), TaaS (for automating the integration testing in disparate systems) and TTA (Test Trend Analyzer).

Getting started with Visual Testing using Applitools;

The Test Automation Pyramid is not a new concept. While Automation helps validate functionality of your product, the look & feel/user-experience (UX) validation is still mostly manual.

With everyone wanting to be Agile, doing quick releases, this look & feel/UX validation becomes the bottleneck, and also is a very error-prone activity which causes brand, revenue and leads diluting your user-base.

In this workshop, we will learn how to extend functional automation implemented using Selenium WebDriver tests, or Appium tests to include Visual Validation using Applitools Eyes. Here are the details:
• Quick introduction to the What, Why of Visual Testing
• Glance through the capabilities of Applitools
• Write a small test for web / Android app
• Integrate Applitools with the above test to accomplish visual testing
• Fail the test if any visual differences are found – this will ensure your CI builds will also fail if there are any visual differences found while running functional automation

• Bring your own laptop with software setup required to run Web/Mobile tests
• Example setup:
o JDK 1.8
o IDE – IntelliJ Idea / Eclipse / ….
o If interested in Mobile automation integration, all requisite setup for running Appium tests (node, Android-SDK with relevant build-tools, platform-tools, etc., Appium, appium-doctor). Also, setup your emulators, or get device with cable
o For web, ensure you have the right version of ChromeDriver available on your machine