Ana Sekerija

Software Tester at Infinum

“Shortly after acquiring a masters degree in Economics, I resumed work in the digital banking department of one of the largest banks in Croatia. Two years later, instigated by an interest in IT and fintech, I started a job as software tester at Infinum. Since then, I’ve worked on half a dozen mobile banking applications where I’ve learned a lot about manual and automated testing, financial industry and agile software development.

I strongly believe in the multidisciplinary approach to testing and the concept of continuous quality.”

Why QA & DA Need Each Other

Since we are living (and testing) in a data-driven world, there is no excuse for not utilizing it to create functional and user-friendly applications.  However, data collected on app usage is often underused – for the sole purpose of generating reports for stakeholders. When used wisely, it can facilitate decision-making, finding potential problems and in testing. Collected data can help QA engineers avoid bias in testing and optimize the amount of time spent. Crucially, it can also help build a strong case for the improvements and changes they are proposing.

QA is needed during every part of the data analytics process. We need to crunch and consume the actual metrics, but also ensure we are collecting the right data in the right way.

My talk will try to clarify the interdependence of quality assurance and data analytics and the value of both in a fast-paced agile environment.