Alper Mermer

Lead Quality Analyst at ThoughtWorks

Alper has been testing in most of the major industries like finance, retail, telecom etc. Heavily invested in Agile Testing processes, he has worked as a consultant with many major companies around the world.

He is currently the Lead Quality Analyst at ThoughtWorks as well as the founder of the Test Hive community which holds meetups in 4 cities around the world.

Preparing For The Future; How Mature Is Your Quality Process?

Quality is much more than testing.

How mature is your quality process to ensure that you have the best foundation for upcoming challenges like AI, blockchain or IoT? How should you assess your maturity? What questions should you ask in an Agile environment to analyze your team structure?

In this talk we are going to review a number of areas in quality culture spanning across the entirety of the software development life-cycle.