Adam Leon Smith

Chief Technology Officer at Piccadilly Group

Adam has held senior technology roles at Barclays and Deutsche Bank delivering large complex transformation projects, and is now CTO of Piccadilly Group, the UK’s leading test and intelligence consultancy for financial services. Piccadilly Group helps a range of financial institutions with large scale technology change programmes and Adam often leads large teams to reach complex goals. Adam lives in Barcelona, Spain, and describes himself as one part executive, one part entrepreneur and one part geek.

Testing for Bias

“This presentation will explain the unique ethical risks that occur when personal data and machine learning meet, and discuss practical steps to mitigate them.

AI and machine learning introduce complex algorithms which affect our daily life. Despite all the benefits of machine learning it can be biased, and there are risks that are introduced which can manifest themselves as bias towards customers or users, for example in the form of racism, sexism and other forms of discrimination.

These areas are starting to be regulated, and some organisations are calling for these technologies to be banned in some high risk areas.

Ultimately and practically it will be up to technologists to verify whether algorithms are operating legally and fairly. This issue is explored in detail by Adam who proposes a framework for the ethical testing of algorithms.”