Aaron Fox

Technical Sales Engineer at SmartBear

Aaron Fox is Technical Sales Engineer at SmartBear Software. Previously, he was Technical Project Lead at DXC Technology. He began his career working with SAP in Galway, Ireland as a .NET developer focusing on enhancing functionality and correcting issues on internal systems. He then became Support Engineer at HP working in the SAP space. During the HP separation, he was mapped to the HPE, given the opportunity to lead the SAP EMEA support team as a technical lead. He was responsible for all test related activities involving the SAP space and sat on the code review board for code standards and quality for the EMEA region.

Now, working in a services company where peers and colleagues became the customer, Aaron became Test Manager for Fiscal Year End, one of the most important financial projects on the HPE account where he was responsible for all the testing activities. Aaron has a bachelor’s degree from National University of Ireland, Galway and a higher diploma in software development from the University of Limerick.

End-to-End Testing: Looking Down

Every day, SmartBear’s Aaron Fox speaks with people from a wide range of industries, all with very different testing requirements across web, desktop or mobile but ultimately all with one goal – to perform the most accurate tests they can. Everybody wants that extra feature in their quest for test coverage and accuracy and a tool which gives them an, “Oh wow, it can do that” moment. End-to-end testing is something we should all embrace and strive toward implementing in a time where systems become more integrated and testing specifications become more complex. This discussion includes: 1. What is end-to-end testing? 2. Who is doing end-to-end testing and why? 3. The role of the modern tester and 4. Steps to success.

The audience leaves this session aware of the benefits of end-to-end testing with an insight into how to successfully implement an end-to-end approach and the common pitfalls to avoid. The talk sheds light on the role of the modern tester and how the attitude surrounding testing has changed in recent times as we get more invested in the bigger picture, as oppose to being siloed into either traditional frontend or backend testing. Attendees leave the session ready to start the journey of creating a successful end-to-end test environment.