Marie Kress

Business Analyst at Comtrade Digital Services

Quest for Quality Speaker

Marie is originally from Germany and is now living in Ljubljana, Slovenia, working as Business Analyst at Comtrade Digital Services’ Mobility and Travel Department. She is passionate about Urban Mobility Services and Aviation and involved in several projects trying to revolutionize the future of Travel. Marie is a member of the Mobility Innovation Lab, whose members are working on shifting tomorrow’s baseline with the help of innovative business models paired with the latest trends in technology. Marie will present alongside Klemen Koželj, who is also a core member of the Innovation Lab.

Innovation: Wonderland or Promiseland?

When wandering through the world full of temptations, trends promising to lead you to success and distractions, how to you decide which new technology and trend to follow on your path to success? How do you ensure that you create innovative solutions which the world has been waiting for instead of creating the next countless product which promises to make the world a better place? And how do you gather the right minded people around you to jointly chose the way to go? There are many factors which determine whether you will reach the happy life in Innovation Wonderland or if you’ll wake up to the harsh reality of Innovation Promiseland.