Quest For Quality Conference 2019

Call for Papers

We are pleased to welcome you as a candidate for speaking at our fourth Quest for Quality conference, which will take place

on November 5 – 6, 2019, in Dublin, Ireland.

The main topic for 2019 Quest for Quality Conference is:


Top terms:
QA in Agile, DevOps, AI & Machine Learning, Testing AI, AI for Testing, Blockchain, Edge Computing, IoT, Test Automation, UX

We all know that software testing will change when AI, blockchain and IoT are in full swing. In fact, change has already started and is inevitable. Inspired by the idea that, once they are implemented, these fundamental, world-enabling technologies just cannot afford to fail, we decided that this year's Quest for Quality conference should explore the following concerns:

What will be the role of QA & testers in the realm of new technologies and emerging platforms?

  • Will AI replace testers in the future?
  • How is AI reflecting on software testing?

How does AI and the use of AI for testing affect QA?

  • How do we align & emphasize testing for QA in every developmental stage with urgent release cycles?
  • How do we augment testing resources to deliver higher output?

What are the challenges of testing new append-only technologies, like blockchain and decentralized applications?

  • Do we need new approaches?
  • What factors can unsettle the Agile/DevOps/Continuous Quality route?

How to balance between market drivers, safety & security and shippable quality

  • What pressures will push businesses to afford QA professionals a seat in the boardroom?
  • Will the surging security concerns promote QA and demote the perpetual beta mode?
Apply to be a speaker at the Q4Q2019 conference and join us secure the future of quality assurance in AI, testing and AI based testing capabilities.

These are just some of the questions around this year’s topic.
Having that in mind, if you are...

An Experienced Tester willing to present inspiring technical solutions and/or interesting tools and practices

A Software Quality Expert who would like to explore the continuously changing software development processes

A QA Manager or Test Lead on a software project willing to tackle the topic of changes of the QA role on software projects

A C-level Executive who can provide us insight into challenges of management and leadership in the new IT era

A Newcomer in QA willing to share a fresh look on old perspectives

A Story Teller who can inspire the audience with magic of thoughts

... we invite you to offer your ideas, assumptions, forecasts and predictions. We are keen to hear what you think about the inevitable and impending changes in the field of software quality assurance.

We are on a quest! However, there will be no charts, prescribed speech format or mode of approach from us. To qualify for speaking at the conference, kindly submit stats, case studies, show of hands and big images. Beginners, experienced practitioners and thought-leaders are all equally encouraged to apply. We will not impose on your choice method as the topic already provides a scope. Ambiguity, fuzziness and the unfamiliar should be the norm - as seen through your unique looking glass.

If you are selected as a speaker, we will cover your travel costs and up to three night’s accommodation expenses in a Dublin hotel (3-6 November 2019). You will also receive a free ticket for both days of the Quest for Quality conference. We can guarantee that by speaking at the event you would be recognized by your peers, other participants and thought leaders as an expert in software testing and QA.

Do share more details about your skills and expertise with us. We will use the information you provide for promotion in various channels, including website materials, e-mail newsletters, social media communication and printed magazines.