What is your favorite Quest for Quality 2018 Quote?

What is your favorite Quest for Quality 2018 Quote?

As time goes by, we are remembering some great moments we left behind us. Quest for Quality conference 2018 was such a blast! We gathered almost 200 hundred people in one place which have participated in 24 breakout sessions, listened to 5 keynote speakers and 1 roundtable discussion.

As we strongly believe in Word of Mouth, experience our attendees had at #Q4Q2018 means valuable feedback for all of us.

On the other hand, speakers shared quite interesting thoughts on burning topics including AI, blockchain, safety and security, future of testing and much more.

We have created a mixture of statements about the conference and subjects that were most interesting for our speakers.

Take your time to read what they had to say and don’t forget to let us know – What is your favorite quote?

“We are tackling challenges that most of conferences are afraid to speak about.”

Lina Zubyte, QA consultant at ThoughtWorks

“I think it was really profound and I will always remember it.”

Davar Ardalan, Founder and storyteller-in-chief of IVOW

“This conference was really amazing because I could meet people from different regions, from different countries which I haven’t seen in any other conference.”

Raj Subramanian, Developer Evangelist at Testim

“It’s a really friendly crowd, I heard a lot of different speeches from very inspiring people. I was really happy with the conference, a very positive and knowledge-sharing fostering environment. ”

Marie Kress, Business Analyst at Comtrade Digital Services

“There were couple of interesting topics which were very intriguing and got me really good understanding with respect to AI on testing.”

Supreeth Chandrashekhar, Development Engineer at Philips HealthCare

“I’ve really enjoyed it. It was amazing conference, we gave 2 speeches and sponsoring that was privilege for us. ”

Liran Barokas, Senior Software Engineer in Test Automation at Applitools

“As software becomes more human we need to adopt how we think of non-functional requirements and how we think of quality.”

Adam Leon Smith, Head of Piccadilly Labs

“We need to be very selective of what we are sharing – because it is easy for technology to actually know everything about us.”

Benjamin Talin, Founder at More Than Digital

“It’s very cozy conference, because the speakers know each other, they go out and communicate which is the most important part about the conference. There was a lot of AI talk, which I found interesting. It’s definitely part of the future. ”

Tomaž Nahtigal, Lead Engineer at Comtrade Digital Services


Inspired by amazing reviews we have got from our speakers, couldn’t do anything else but wonder: how can we make Quest for Quality 2019 even greater?

Join us on time and take part in the race!