[Test Management] 4 Sessions Every Testing & QA Expert Needs to Hear

[Test Management] 4 Sessions Every Testing & QA Expert Needs to Hear

By listening these talks, you will get an insight of how to manage the computer software testing process. Some say that Test Management is the discipline of controlling and tracking the process of testing from the development of test cases through to the reporting on execution status. But as you can imagine, it’s not as easy to come up with a simple definition.


I Let us start from Michael Stahl from Intel and his topic:

The Fab Experience: How I stopped whining and started to appreciate Process

According to Michael’s words, for R&D people “adhering to process”, “copy exactly” and “strong discipline” are a complete turn-off. R&D people have images of poor souls toiling in a miserable work environment that stifles innovation, discourage originality and demands military-style conformance. Yet, there is also a place of thriving engineering community with amazing innovations and ample self-fulfillment.

Michael asks all of you who are from this are – Is it possible that you are wrong and that discipline and proper process can actually benefit you more than you can imagine?


II The next topic is based on experience from AB-Test driven company and Antonia Landi. Antonia will speak about:

Quality Assurance in an AB-Test driven company – Why companies of tomorrow need QA Superstars, and how to become one

So how and where does a tester fit into this? How can you maintain a high level of quality if there are several versions of your product, all of which interact with one another and change the user experience at crucial points? How should you structure your QA department within an organisation that is focused on constant delivery and iteration of AB tests?

Different questions will be covered at this talk, where you will find out why test plans no longer make sense, why the role of QA needs to grow beyond finding technical faults, and how to stay on top of the chaos.


III Aaron Fox from SmartBear will rock the stage, with his topic:

End-to-End Testing: Looking Down

Every day, Aaron speaks with people from a wide range of industries, all with very different testing requirements across web, desktop or mobile but ultimately all with one goal – to perform the most accurate tests they can. Everybody wants that extra feature in their quest for test coverage and accuracy.

The audience will leave this session aware of the benefits of end-to-end testing with an insight into how to successfully implement an end-to-end approach and the common pitfalls to avoid.


IV Amela Teftedarija from Comtrade Digital Services has also an interesting question for you:

Would you like to be a Supertester?

Quest for Quality Speaker

Working as a test automation engineer and a team lead, Amela has crossed paths with a lot of testers. She noted that, despite completing successfully their testing tasks, only a small number of testers grow into what she’d consider the Supertester.

So, what it really takes to earn this prestigious title? To start with, the Supertester makes a difference! The difference is achieved by doing much more than just finishing your testing tasks. Curiosity, adaptability, seeing the bigger picture and willingness to learn new things are just some of the characteristics that can guide in your quest for becoming a Supertester. To summarize, using every opportunity to grow professionally.


Great talks to be heard and learned at Quest for Quality conference, so stop waiting and: