Speaker’s Spotlight – Mathew Lodge

Speaker’s Spotlight – Mathew Lodge

We are delighted to e-Troduce Mathew Lodge, one of the speakers on the AI aspect of this year’s conference!

Team Q4Q:

“Mathew, we would like to know you beyond the brief profile on the website, tell us about yourself and your aspirations.”

Mathew Lodge:

“I’ve been building and managing software and hardware for well over 25 years and have done everything from writing code that flies on the Space Station to connecting 6 countries to the Internet for the first time to building and launching VMware’s cloud infrastructure service. Most recently I ran product for Anaconda, a pioneer in Python/R data science and AI, and joined Diffblue earlier this year.

Outside of work I am a keen photographer and my work appear in books, magazines, newspapers, restaurants, homes, and offices.

I’m delighted to have joined Diffblue! There’s such a great opportunity to make developers more productive by having AI write code that can be automated, focusing developers on the things that only they can write.

I hope to be CEO of a hugely successful AI start-up! More seriously, it would be great to see more companies producing AI-based tooling for code, because that will make AI-written code the norm.

I started coding at the age of 10 and was hooked. I learned BASIC, Pascal and assembler early on, did a computer science degree and first learned of AI there. Fast forward to today, and the same AI I learned about at university can now be done a million times faster on a million times more data for a fraction of the cost. It’s a great time to be in this industry.

At the Q4Q conference, I‘m talking about how AI is eating software – in that AI is now taking on a role that previously would have been hand-crafted code. AI-written tests are something new in the testing world, so I wanted to talk to a real application of that at Goldman Sachs.

It’s great to see the latest and greatest approaches and what’s working, and to meet leading practitioners in the industry.

On influencers, I spend a lot of time reading. Twitter has been a really great resource for learning about things I normally would not see, and finding interesting people who are doing cool things. That leads to reading articles that link to other articles and so on down the chain. And I also get to meet a lot of the people in real life and learn new things from them.

My twitter handle is a good place to start, and there’s also our company blog and webinars.