Speaker’s Spotlight – Shyam Sunder

Speaker’s Spotlight – Shyam Sunder

Very many thanks for your time Shyam, help us and our delegates e-Make your acquaintance 🙂

“My hobbies include playing Cricket, watching movies and listening to Hindi songs.

I am passionate about sharing my experience and have been speaking at various Conferences for the past 10 years now.

Last 12 months have been very interesting for me. I have been diligently doing my tasks and responsibilities in spite of the various challenges in my project.

I see myself as a Test Practioner, SME sharing my insights to the whole testing fraternity.

I have been working on AI for the past 3 years, so my Topic is focused on Artificial Intelligence. AI seems to be a word which most of the IT community are wary about as most of them do not know much about it. Once you understand AI, it is much simpler and I would make my presentation as simple as possible so that it is easily comprehensible by the audience.

I’m heavily influenced by test magazines, Star East, Techwell and Test Leadership Congress.

You can connect with me on:

eMail :

Twitter : shyam_sunder_30

Linkedin : sundershyam30

Looking forward to more such presentations in future Quest for Quality Conferences.”