Safety and Security Talks at Quest for Quality Conference

Safety and Security Talks at Quest for Quality Conference

Hear, hear, awesome safety and security talks will be presented in October!


Let us start with Milan, coming from Viris, Slovenia and his topic:

You missed a spot: Security!

In today’s agile world of development, where there is demand for a fast app to market race there sometimes there are many areas, that are neglected. Sometimes this is not done intentionally, but in a lot of cases, there are several reasons why this can be a big issue. During the presentation, Milan will try to look into some real case scenarios, explain root causes and try to find some easy solutions that can make testing even better and more secure. Testers of today need to have at least basic knowledge in the area of security testing to achieve better testing procedures and more secure products.


And the next one is Thomas, coming from ADB Safegate, Austia. His speech will be about:

Challenges for quality and testing of Air Traffic Control (ATC) systems

ATC systems are used by air traffic controllers to smoothly and safely manage flights, both in the air and on the ground. Needless to say that quality and testing are vital parts in ATC system development and delivery. Thomas will cover the special system requirements and related quality and testing challenges in this area.

So audience, interested in these talks? Don’t wait and: