Quest for Quality Conference from Different Perspective

Quest for Quality Conference from Different Perspective

Crowd, we are delighted to present you Lina, our member of editorial board. Lina has an interesting history with our conference, because last year she was a speaker and for 2018 year she was included in evaluation of speaker’s submissions.

We interviewed Lina, since we wanted to hear another perspective of Quest for Quality conference and here is what we spoke about.


Meet Lina, QA Consultant at ThoughtWorks and member of Q4Q 2018 Editorial Board. 🙂


Interviewer: Lina, you and Quest for Quality conference have an interesting history. You first joined the conference in 2017 as a speaker. Tell us a bit about your decision to submit your idea to call for papers.

Lina: When I discovered Quest for Quality, I was impressed with how innovative and modern themes for each year’s events were. I have attended multiple conferences, and very often I’ve seen topics on testing/quality with the same things being told over and over again, while Quest for Quality is up-to-speed with the trends in quality assurance & testing, and tackles the future topics of the field. This modern outlook has definitely encouraged me to submit my talk, and, the conference has exceeded my expectations.

Interviewer: This year you were part of the decision makers. Was the role of editorial board member in some ways harder than actually speaking at the conference?

Lina: Being a part of the editorial board has taught me how much hard work is put into choosing the speakers. As the saying goes: with great power comes great responsibility. This year the amount and quality of talk submissions were impressive: there was so much great content, and, unfortunately, not as many speaking slots. Having been on the other side as a speaker before, I knew how much effort each of the possible speakers has spent just to try to express their ideas in this limited amount of words. This made it quite a challenging task to rate the talks: I tried to research the topics proposed, compare submissions to each other, and provide not only a numeric rating but some comments as well to ease the final decision.


Interviewer: What would be advice for those that might consider submitting their paper or idea next year?

Lina: Tell your story! The most valuable talks are the ones that are based on the lived through events. There is so much that happens in your daily work that could be shared, and there are so many challenges that you have faced in your career and ended up solving. Likely, others are also facing similar issues, and your solution could be something that’s very innovative and helpful for others. It is hard to step back sometimes and realize what stories we can tell, but this is where the conference theme can be very beneficial to identify the topic.


Interviewer: Is there a speaker you are really looking forward to hear and why?

Lina: Tough question! This year’s theme of »Reinventing QA for the new IT era« is something close to my heart, and I can’t wait to hear the talks, especially, related with AI, deep learning, and the future of QA.

One of the speakers that I’m very much looking forward to hearing is Anna Royzman who will give a keynote »Test Leadership of the Future: New Challenges, Big Opportunities«. Anna’s work advocating quality in technology is very inspiring, and I am very excited to hear her ideas on the trends & future of the field.

Lina as a speaker at Q4Q 2017

Interviewer: This years conference covers many different areas of software quality and testing. Which one do you think will be the most beneficial to your current position as QA consultant at ThoughtWorks?

Lina: In ThoughtWorks, we aim to drive innovative software development practices by using modern techniques, tools, and ways of working. Quest for Quality is scheduled to have talks exactly on that, for example, the future of QA, working with AI/ML, as well as testing in the Internet of Things era. Also, I’m very much looking forward to communication & leadership topics because no matter how much technology changes – smooth interpersonal collaboration can always have its challenges.


Interviewer: Besides work you also write your own blog »Let me try software testing«. What will be the next topic you will tackle?

Lina: Currently, there are many topics that are bubbling up in my head. I’m really interested in machine learning (for example, chatbots) and the challenges it creates when it comes to QA. Also, I am thoroughly enjoying »Testing in DevOps« book by Katrina Clokie which may inspire me to write something on testing in DevOps. And, team communication & better collaboration is always a topic I enjoy learning about as well as sharing what I’ve learned.


Interviewer: If our readers have any questions or would simply like to connect with you, where can they find you?

Lina: I would love to get to know fellow professionals, feel free to reach out to me on LinkedIn (Lina Zubyte), or find me on Twitter (my Twitter handle is @buggylina).


Interviewer: Thank you for this interview Lina and we are looking forward to seeing you in Dublin again, this year in a role of delegate, beside the role of editorial board member!