#Q4Q2020 in a bit! But first, what’s your impression of last year’s conference?

#Q4Q2020 in a bit! But first, what’s your impression of last year’s conference?

Before we swing full-force into the very enticing grasp of #Q4Q2020, we’d like to reminisce a little on what some of our delegates say about last year’s conference.

Ps, this is your cue to share your impression(s) from last year’s conference with us at the end of this article, that is, if you attended the conference. BUT! In case you didn’t attend, now is the time to make it a point to go pre-register to attend conference 2020 as extra-early bird tickets go on sale from 1st of February…like we always say, do not be told about the conference, it is to be experienced!!!

Alright! Back to the gist at hand;

At the 2019 conference, we had delegates from worldwide, 1 round table discussion, 6 keynotes and 22 breakouts on very stimulating talks around AI, QA, Data Science, Test Team Leadership & Testing. So it must not have been very easy for delegates to put every emotion, change ignited and inspiration received from the conference in few words but of course, they did their best.

So, here is a mix of what everyone we talked with said and remember, we’d like to hear what you say too;

#Q4Q2019 was a fantastic conference, organized by warm and friendly people. I will never forget this experience, nor their kindness!”

Meaghan Thompson, QA Manager at Aimsio


Love the promise within the Quest for Quality community that this future will be inclusive as we grow and learn together.”

Davar Ardalan, Founder and storyteller-in-chief at IVOW

“It’s a great conference, very well organised. Great community and I recommend it to everyone.”

Tariq King, Founder – Selftest IO


“My favourite part of Quest for Quality conference is the broad amount of talks available. ”


Andrés Latas Martínez, Data Engineer at Comtrade Digital Services


“My 3rd year at Quest for Quality with a talk on chatbots. Love to be back in Dublin, and meet a lot of wonderful people! ”

Lina Zubyte, QA Consultant at Thought Works


Conference 2020 is already taking shape! Join us forge that story by pre-registering to attend the event in Dublin Ireland this October!