Pramod kumar Bommisetty; The Man Who Fell In Love With A Digital Human

Pramod kumar Bommisetty; The Man Who Fell In Love With A Digital Human

Pramod, a speaker at Q4Q2019 has an interesting personality, we believe you’d feel the same when you meet him in Dublin! But first, here’s his e-troduction of himself;

“I love travelling and learning new stuff. Pottery is a recent interest I acquired. Started learning and practicing. It’s taught me about concentration and patience. I also Love to spend time with my kid. I play badminton regularly and it teaches me to be strong and quick. Working on starting a technology startup after failing 3 attempts with my friend. It’s my passion and I am keep on trying to start some business.

It was a roller coaster ride in the last 12 months. I have been facing most challenging things to solve in automation in my whole 15 years’ experience. Since I am working on a Unique product built on AI, there are several road blocks and challenges to solve while testing. The only good thing is I got lots of exposure and experience with lot of new technologies in these 12 months.

I am looking forward to build a great QA team and technologies to test all new era problems in our Org. My career aspirations are to create an Open source Visual testing tool for Video and want to pursue PHD in Software engineering.

I will be talking about how I fell in love with a Digital human 😀 And I will tell you how and why we used to do facial exercises daily at the webcam.

Quest for Quality is one of the best conferences which has focus on new era things and I see industry experts come and share their knowledge, vision and experiences with people.  The diversity in culture, speakers, and technologies inspired me to attend this conference

I follow many of the technology websites for Automations and AI. My earliest inspiring blogs I have gone through are from James Whittaker.

To connect with me, you can directly catch-up over a pint of beer in Dublin or via my LinkedIn page. I don’t update that frequently on LinkedIn but I am active in social meetups in NZ, emails or slack.

I want to utilize most of the time in these kinds of conferences to gain knowledge and meet new people. So I am looking forward to socializing with people during the breaks and know about their experiences. I would like to see if we are going to have a 90 second sessions to allow people share their views.”