Pallavi Kumar; Tech Entrepreneur, Speaker & Author

Pallavi Kumar; Tech Entrepreneur, Speaker & Author

In view of the 2019 conference, we’re more than delighted to tell you more about Pallavi, in her own words! ;

“I am a tech entrepreneur, speaker and author. I am working on creating an online platform for making mental healthcare easily accessible to everyone around the world. I am passionate about social causes like Diversity and Inclusion in tech industry as well as mental health and my vision is to use technology to solve these issues.

Also, I have been speaker at several national tech conferences in the UK including Women of Silicon Roundabout 2019, National Devops Conference 2019 London and Digital Transformation Conference’19 London. I also write features on the latest technologies for some of the international tech magazines in UK & internationally. I am promoting #MentorHer scheme and I am providing mentorship to the people to help them find their way in the tech industry.

Last 12 months have been incredibly busy. I have been involved as a speaker in a lot of events, networking & met lots of like-minded people from various industries. I am working on creating the mental healthcare platform as well as providing mentorship to help more people get in the tech industry.

I have been contributing in the TEST magazine and written features about latest tech as well as working on my upcoming book.

I see myself as a sociopreneur. My vision is to use technology to create solutions for some most pressing social issues in the world. I aspire to promote and create a more diverse and inclusive tech industry where we can create technology for everyone as well as different cultures being represented fairly in shaping the future.

At Quest for Quality Conference 2019, I am talking on “When AI meets software testing”. This is my third talk in the series “when AI meets” – different aspects of the software industry. In past conferences, I have talked about “When AI meets Digital Transformation” and “When AI meets Devops” where I talked about the impact of Artificial Intelligence on various fields in the industry. With my deep interest in Artificial Intelligence, I like to discuss the impact of this ground-breaking tech which will revolutionize the way we do things. How AI will make the manual as well as automation testing more efficient and how tirelessly the AI tools will be able to contribute towards a more robust software testing.

I would also be busting the widespread myths around the role of AI in the software testing industry and I repeat yet again – Tech is an enabler, but humans are drivers! “

Quest for Quality is one of the biggest tech conferences in Europe and the main theme this year – “uniting two perspectives on AI” is very interesting as we will be exploring the impact of ground-breaking tech like Artificial Intelligence on Software Testing and Quality which is very crucial part of the tech industry.

I am very excited to be part of this incredible event and to network with like-minded people. I would like to thank Olohimai and the whole “Quest for Quality” team for organizing this great conference.

I am a massive fan of Elon musk and Jeff Bezos as they are the amazing visionaries of our time and have changed the way we do things. I read a lot of books and feature on different websites like, etc. I like to know about the latest innovations and technologies.

You can find out more about me & my work on via my LinkedIn profile: also, you can follow me on twitter: @Pallavi_kmr

I am currently working on the development of my personal website which is work in progress and would be live soon:

Looking forward to meeting YOU at the conference!”