Michael Clarke; AKA Tester Mike

Michael Clarke; AKA Tester Mike

e-Meet Michael Clarke, one of our Keynotes at the 2019 conference!

“I’ve been working in Software Testing for just over 2 years and really love the variety the role brings – the rapid pace of technology offers opportunities for testers to get in first, and the breadth of the testing industry means there’s always something new to learn.

Prior to testing I served as a Communications Warfare Specialist in the Royal New Zealand Navy and helped run a small telecommunications company.

Outside of my day job I enjoy co-organising meetups through the Ministry of Testing Auckland Chapter, and spending time with my wife and two young daughters.

I enjoy watching football but haven’t played for a lot longer than I’d like to admit!

The last 12 months have been incredible. From travelling to New Caledonia with the NZ Air Force in January, bringing together 100’s of testers through meetups, and being invited to take part in the Quest for Quality conference, 2019 is going to be a hard one to beat!

I really enjoy testing and the opportunities available, but also really enjoy sharing what I’ve learned with others.  Short term I’d really like to upskill in Accessibility Testing, Security Testing, and Test Automation (including AI/ML).

Longer term I’d like to get involved with teaching, training and mentoring new testers.

When I first started testing there was a lot of noise online about how test automation will replace testers jobs; now I’m seeing similar noise about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning doing the same.

My presentation at Q4Q will cover my own journey into testing from an entirely non-technical background, and why I don’t believe the robots will steal our jobs. There are pitfalls and an element of danger for those unwilling to adapt, but I feel real opportunity for those brave enough to keep learning.

There are an increasing number of tech and testing conferences available, but Quest for Quality really caught my eye with their focus on bringing testing and AI/ML discussions together.  I don’t know as much about AI as I’d like to and I’m really looking forward to learning from thought leaders in the field.

The Ministry of Testing and Association for Software Testers have been a real goldmine for information on testing.  As far as AI is concerned, I’ve really liked what Tariq King and Jason Arbon have brought to light and am interested in what the AISTA has to offer.

I have fond memories from a presentation that James Farrier gave in Auckland a year or so ago and am looking forward to his presentation at Q4Q.

I’m on twitter at @TesterMikeNZ and have a blog at

Otherwise if you find yourself in my corner of the globe come say Hi at a Ministry of Testing Auckland meetup.”