Martin Karsberg; Computers Over Guitars!

Martin Karsberg; Computers Over Guitars!

We had a blast hearing from Martin! You’d love it. so dig in to e-Meet him 🙂

“I wasn’t meant to work on software tests, I was destined for greater things. I had a bright future ahead of me as a rock star on the biggest of stages!! Madison garden was to become a “club gig” there was just one little problem, I wasn’t very good at playing guitar.

So I turned to computers instead. After a couple of years at uni I was ready!!! I was to be the best DBA the world has ever fostered. The sky is the limit. Millions were to roll into my bank account!! Just one problem, the IT-bubble popped like a bubblegum, so I ended up in Dublin working in a call center that wasn’t a big IT player in Stockholm with weekend travels to the French riviera on the company dime.

But this is where my Test journey started. By helping people with all sorts of computer problems, I laid the foundation for software testing. A year later I was back in Sweden and got a job as QA engineer at a upstart company. Together with a few other dedicated people we built a QA organization with test teams in several countries.

After 8 years of this I wanted to take my now fine-tuned testing skills out to the masses. And since then I have had the pleasure to work with a wide array of products in several areas of business (Telecom, Defense and automotive) and worked with many talented and excellent people.

Lately I also had the great fortune to get to work with people coming into software testing from a different angle. Finally, *wink wink* the academia and professors realized that to have good progress in innovation you also need good QA work.

And now, I finally get to enter the big international stages, such as the one in Dublin (Where it all began nearly 20 years ago) and Q4Q.

So what did happened with that music dream? Well I do play for the kids at home and music is always with me in some way. I plan my sprints and work like songs I love. And before I will take the floor in Dublin this November I know exactly what song it is that will be spinning in my head.

The biggest challenge I have undertook over the last 12 months was to start lecturing and holding courses in testing at a local college. The experience of meeting people with no testing background and trying to give them tools and insights in the daily work of a software tester has been very challenging. As I threw myself into this, thinking it would be easy, I quickly learned that lecturing takes no time, but conducting exercises takes forever 😊 Also that we all learn in different ways so one of the hardest part of this has been to explain test techniques from different views and angels.

I have also during the last 12 months closed a research project. It has been very rewarding to work with scientists, it has given me many new insights and views on technology and the quality assurance aspect of it.

I would love to work with software used in medicine/life science. I have worked with in the field of Defense (Radar systems), Legal and automotive. It would be nice to work with software that is life changing for people, saving life if you like.

My talk will give you some “mmmm” moments, some “I knew that” moments and hopefully one or two “What? I didn’t think of that” moments. But the interesting kick will be when I tell you how I was given the 3rd degree from one of the technology leaders at…a large auto manufacturing firm…in Gothenburg. He told me I got it all WRONG!!!

So as a part of my talk I will give you his view of the future challenges of testing as an extra bonus.

I attended the Q4Q 2018 conference and loved it. Why did I go to Q4Q? I have lived for a time in Dublin and simply love the city. So when looking for places to attend interesting conferences I stumbled upon Q4Q last year, this gave me a reason to return to Dublin and also learn something that can inspire me in my work at home in Gothenburg.

To connect with me, go to (duh) or (I try to attend as many as I can. Meeting other testers is the best way to learn and get inspired)

Sorry, I’m not very into the social media scene….easiest way is to mail me at I try to use as a platform for information on what’s going on, but I think I am failing at it. I also host this event twice a year (Sorry it’s in Swedish…)

I hope to meet interesting people and learn some new stuff. I hope to bring something back to Sweden that I can use in my daily work; a new insight, a nod of recognition or a new contact I can call next time I am in a testing pickle.


You know what… I love beer! I also love music! Dublin is full of both. So I am hoping to have time for a pint or two (love the rock bar at it was my preferred watering hole when I lived in Dublin) and if I’m allowed to dream a bit, I would love to be able to see a band like The Frames (Best Irish rock band EVER!!!) on stage in Whelans (”