[Lina Zubyte, ThoughtWorks] Enabling The Team Rather Than Self

[Lina Zubyte, ThoughtWorks] Enabling The Team Rather Than Self

Meet Lina Zubyte, one of our speakers at the #Q4Q2019 conference in Dublin this November!

We had a small sit-out with her as we wanted to know more about her, her year so far and her plans for the conference. Here’s what we found, we believe you’d find a thing or two to glean for yourself as well.

Her feedback;

I’m a soul searcher: I love stories, expressions & breathtaking experiences. Be it fascinating people, interesting facts or spectacular nature.

Originally, I’m a Lithuanian small-town girl with a mathematics degree who turned into a quality analyst out of curiosity and passion for problem-solving. I love thinking outside-of-the-box and getting to work with various professionals for the same goal of developing high-quality products. The wanderlust in me has led me to work and live in a few countries including Lithuania, Hungary and currently, Germany.

Apart from quality, I’d love to talk to you about nature, travel, cinematography (Kieslowski and Miyazaki are some of my favorite directors!) and literature.

It’s been just a bit over a year that I’ve started a new step in my career: consulting, so the last 12 months were still filled with learning some secrets of consulting (by the way, I can just recommend Gerald Weinberg’s book “Secrets of Consulting” if you would like to learn a bit more on this!).

I’ve caught myself concentrating more on the team ceremonies and how to enable the team rather than enable myself. My role shifted from just doing my task in a QA column to aiding a high-performing team from as early as I can in the development cycle. This task is a continuous one which always makes every single day at work different and interesting.

I love logging & metrics in order to understand product’s quality better, so I want to concentrate on learning more about observability. Also, continue working with inspiring cross-functional teams.

Lina speaking at Q4Q 2017

At Q4Q 2019, I will share my story of challenges trying to evaluate the quality of a machine-learning driven chat-bot in my session “It’s tricky: Chatbots & QA”. When I got assigned to work on a chatbot project, I was so thrilled: wow, machine learning, wow, artificial intelligence! I was so excited to learn more in this field, especially, when it comes to measuring quality of a chatbot. It turned out to be quite a journey which helped me realize that AI may not take over the world (yet) and that it’s actually a lot of work that we as humans have to do in order to build high-quality machine learning products.

I have a history with Q4Q, it even is the reason why I am currently working for my company! I first attended it in 2017 as a speaker where I met some wonderful people with whom I’m still in touch with up to this day! Then in 2018 I attended again and here I am looking forward to my 3rd time in one of my favorite conferences this year.


I am really inspired by the content from Charity Majors, Katrina Clokie, Doc Norton.


To connect and keep up with projects I’m working on, follow me on Twitter at @buggylina (


Thank you for spending time with us Lina!