James Farrier; Competitive Risk Taker!

James Farrier; Competitive Risk Taker!

We thought the moves made by James Farrier in the last few years are a lot brave and risky! So this blog is us cheering that bravery that comes with quitting a 9-5 and heading out to start a buzzing organization!

Born in New Zealand, James spent most of his life in either Australia or New Zealand.  He quit his job to start Appsurify in 2017 and decided to go traveling at the same time.  So he traveled for 2 years mostly through the Americas and Europe. Before that, he helped build up one of the biggest test automation teams in Asia Pacific, with thousands of automated tests running. he likes playing almost all games whether they be sports, e-sports or card games. He especially likes poker but gets far too competitive!

About starting appsurify, nothing moves fast enough when you’re starting a new company…Appsurify has gotten clients which is nice, now they need to get a positive cash-flow.  James says it’s been a big risk leaving a secure job to starting something by himself.  He hope the risk pays off as they really do want to create software to help testers.

In James’ words;

“I’ve loved starting my own company.  I would like everything to continue progressing.  I want to continue to build up the team, research new ways to improve and ideally end up having a large company.”

On the 2019 conference, here are his thoughts;

“Honestly, most companies are very slow in improving their testing practices and automation initiatives seem to constantly fail.  So my talk at Q4Q is mostly about how to have your automation initiative succeed, and how I’ve seen the elite IT companies make their automation valuable.”

His family is all from the UK and despite having spent 3 months in the UK in the last 2 years they skipped Ireland.  His wife loved it when she visited for the commonwealth games so he’s excited to see Dublin.

James says – “Quest for Quality also focuses on what we are looking to do, creating tools to help improve software testing so we can create reliable products. Previous ML test conferences and talks have focused heavily on bots, we would like to put forward another perspective.

My influencers are probably the same as everyone elses, Angie Jones and Joe Colantonio.  But I also have a small slack group where Xiaoxing Hu, Stefan Kahn, and Tristan Worley who were from my team at Fiserv keep me up to date on anything interesting they’ve seen.

To connect with me, visit Unfortunately, I’m terrible at Social Media, I need to get better! We do have an Appsurify twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook accounts and I regularly check my own LinkedIn account as well.

When people talk about AI and ML for QA, they’re usually referring to bots that may one day find bugs autonomously without creating tests, or software that can build tests automatically. But we’re demonstrating ML working now, not replacing automated and manual testing but making them work smarter.”

Thank you for your time James 🙂