[Future of Testing] 3 Talks About Testing in the Future You Will Wish to Hear

[Future of Testing] 3 Talks About Testing in the Future You Will Wish to Hear

If you are interested in testing and quality assurance, it is most likely that you wonder what will happen in 10 years from now on! What will change and why, and how it will affect QA and testing?

What is the future of testing and which one is the right path to choose?

At Quest for Quality Conference, main theme for the 2018 is “Reinventing QA in the new IT era”. New era means the future is already here, and the question is “Are we ready”? Join the speakers below at our conference in October in Dublin and discover more from their sessions about Future of Testing.


I Let’s start with Benjamin Talin from the company MoreThanDigital and his topic:

10 Things That Will Dissapear in 10 Years

Benjamin Talin


We are all witnesses of the mobile technology revolution and its impact everywhere. During the change, it is almost inevitable for some technologies to disappear. We will stop here, because we want to fire your imagination. Join Ben at his talk and you will find out what will most likely happen in the near future.


II Next, we would like to present this dream team coming from Sopra Steria. Saga Davidsdottir and Lene Navdal will introduce you to virtual reality and the topic:

Ready Player One – How to Test Mixed Reality

Saga B. Davidsdottir


Lene Navdal


Did you hear of Ernest Cline’s book “Ready Player One” and the Oasis. Do you know there is Virtual Reality World, where people log on and actually hang out, learn and work? Saga and Lene will tell you much more about facts that prove Ernest’s book is becoming reality. There are too many challenges for you, testers, and many questions to answer! Psst, there will be some demo too!


III And last but not least, Marie Kress and Klemen Koželj from Comtrade Digital Services. Another dream team that will talk about:

Innovation: Wonderland or Promiseland?

Quest for Quality Speaker
 Marie Kress
Quest for Quality Speaker
 Klemen Koželj


In the world full of temptations, there are many trends promising to lead you to success and distractions. The question is “How to decide which new technology and trend to follow on your path to success?” Marie and Klemen will talk about diverse factors, which will influence your rocky road to the Innovation Wonderland or  Innovation Promiseland, it depends.

Join these amazing speakers at Quest for Quality and