Convince your boss!

Convince your boss!

You spoke with your friends and colleagues, became aware of how Quest for Quality is worth investing time and would like to join the event, which will gather over 150 Test Leads, Heads of QA, Quality Directors, CTOs, CIOs and speakers from all over the globe.


This year’s topic is: REINVENTING QA FOR THE NEW IT ERA and top terms are QA in Agile, DevOps, AI & Machine Learning, Blockchain, Edge Computing, IoT, Test Automation, UX.

We all know that software testing will change when AI, blockchain and IoT are in full swing. In fact, change has already started and is inevitable. Inspired by the idea that, once they are implemented, these fundamental world-enabling technologies just cannot afford to fail. Therefore, at Quest for Quality we decided that this year’s conference should explore the following concerns:

  1. – What will be the role of QA & testers in the realm of new technologies and emerging platforms?
  2. – How are AI and Machine Learning affecting QA?
  3. – What are the challenges of testing new append-only technologies, like blockchain and decentralized applications?
  4. – How to balance between market drivers, safety & security and shippable quality?


Having that in mind you are:

we assure you this event is a must for you!


Ok, now you know everything, yet there is one thing that bothers you still:

“What will my boss say about attending Quest for Quality conference?”


No worries – we will make your boss SAY YES together!