Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain Talks at #Q4Q2018

Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain Talks at #Q4Q2018

Let’s talk about the future. Or maybe the fact that the future is already here? Emerging technologies and technical innovation can be found at every step. They bring new challenges and issues we have to deal with every single day. That is why we would like to introduce you to Berina, Frederik and Marco. Coming from Croatia, Germany and Brazil, they will present their speeches at Quest for Quality conference [3-4 October] and will cover some of the world’s hottest QA topics.


Let us start with Berina and her topic. Berina comes from Ministry of Programming and her talk is related to blockchain. You will hear:

“Forget the Rules – Embrace the Chaos (Being a QA on a Multi-Million ICO)”

“Chaos is a good thing –  if you understand the opportunity”, this is a sentence Berina heard from the CEO of her company and didn’t realize the meaning at the beginning. Different questions were coming across her mind. “How can we work if we don’t have any documentation? No test planning, no test cases, constantly changing things and communicating it through Slack. What are blockchains, cryptocurrencies? How to test them?”

In her talk, Berina will pass hands-on experience about how working for the NAGA Group looks like, as there you absolutely have to think outside the box. She will explain how they are still improving their system and organization, but have found a great work pattern, which helps them continuously deliver quality and create value for their customers.


We are now moving forward to Frederik, who comes from Cassini Consulting and will share his views on this AI related topic:

“Testing AI Applications”

Quest for Quality Speaker

Smart software is everywhere and it affects everything – the way we communicate, work, have fun. From quality assurance perspective, quality issues rise and everything should be tested properly. According to Frederik, testing AI applications offers special challenges that testers have to deal with on a daily basis. But how and what are the issues you have to cross over continuously? His presentation will highlight these challenges and show the audience how to address them. Short and simple, so join him in Dublin and hear practical tips and tricks.


Last, but not least, we have Marco from Toptal, who will present the topic that will meet the growing need for blockchain-focused QA Engineers:

“Smart Contract: Automated Tests for Decentralized Platform”

Everyone is talking about blockchain technology, especially in relation to smart contracts. Blockchain-related jobs are the second-fastest growing in today’s labor market. Yet, there is an extreme “$/knowledge” ratio in the blockchain space, where capital by far outpaces talent.

And, where are all the QA engineers? It’s unacceptable to see projects gone live with little or no testing by anyone other than the dApp developer. We all know what happens when we combine new technology with a lack of formal QA… Bugs. So, at his talk, Marco will discuss with you the role of the modern tester and how it applies to the blockchain. Testing tools: 1. Automated tests for Truffle; 2. Easiest way to interact with dApps in a browser (MetaMask). Challenges when each network has their own specific standards and protocols. Examples of smart contract bugs. And much more!

Don’t wait, the time is now to: